For 25 years, Cartel Electronics has been a strategic supplier of printed circuit boards. Under new management since 2007, we have experienced unparalleled growth during a time when many companies are struggling to survive. This speaks to our corporate vision of bringing integrity and service back to our business; and to our unwavering commitment to our customers and our employees. Our management is highly experienced, with a proven track record of success in this industry.

Cartel Electronics is based in Southern California, where we maintain our prototype/preproduction manufacturing facility. It is out of this facility that our seasoned and talented engineering staff, work directly with our customers, and on the manufacturing floor. Our customers can get whatever they need in the U.S., but beyond that is a pathway to volume. Our offshore manufacturing offers the most cost effective and shortest lead times in any offshore solution; and our U.S. office manages the logistics for our customers. This allows us to offer our customers the most cost competitive production level manufacturing, while continuing to meet demanding production schedules; keeping customer service and communication foremost; and maintaining the quality standards that Cartel demands.

Our business model and our mission are intensively customer centric. And our lean operation allows for the continuous development of our business model, to incorporate the most pressing business conditions of the day, as well to mold ourselves around our customer’s changing needs, as they arise. We look forward to serving all of your printed circuit board needs at Cartel Electronics, Inc.

Integrity and service… It’s about time.

Our Management team welcomes comments and/or suggestions here: customersatisfaction@cartelelectronics.com

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